Good News for Shires Gating scheme

by on 23 May, 2012

Claire at the Minerva factory, where the gates are being made
The new gating project on the Shires Streets is now well on its way.
The Lib Dem team have been working with the Council and Minerva for some time to get this project going.
“Many people on the Shires streets want gates on the ten foots to improve security and reduce the amounts of rubbish in the ten foots” said Abigail Bell. However, previous efforts have been thwarted as not all householders in the area have signed up.
Now this new project brings together the Council’s funding for the gates, and Minerva, and is proving a great success.
Minerva works with ex-offenders to build the gates, and has some government funding to run the project. The Minerva team is working with local residents to gain agreement for the gates, and is also making sure that when the gates are fitted the rubbish in the ten foots will be cleared up.
Claire Thomas visited the Minerva factory where the gates are being made on Friday. “It was really good to see the gates being made, and to hear first hand from people involved in the project”, she said.
More information about the project can be found at

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