Good News for Summergroves Way!

by on 15 February, 2012

Cllr Claire Thomas on Summergroves Way where double yellow lines will be intalledCllrs Claire Thomas and Abigail Bell have been campaigning for some time for the Council to improve the safety of Summergroves Way . Many people have been in touch with us, concerned about the safety of the road along the bend near the fire station due to parked cars around the bend.

We are pleased that, following the recent formal consultation period by the Council on proposals for double yellow lines around the bend, there have been no objections put forward against the plans.

This means that the Council can place the order for the works soon.

Claire has spoken to the Highways officer and urged action as soon as possible, and it seems likely that the double yellow lines will now be installed during March.

Claire and Abigail would like to thank everyone who got in touch with us about this issue. Your support has really helped us to keep the pressure up on the Council to prioritise this scheme.

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