Cllr Claire Thomas visits Tilbury Primary school for their Gower Park project

by on 10 February, 2012

Yesterday I was privileged to visit Tilbury Primary school and talk with two classes about Gower Park.

The children are doing a project about Gower Park, and so I visited to talk with them about the petition we are running, and how to persuade the Council to make improvements they want. I also took along a park ranger to talk with them about different ideas they have for the park.

I had a great time. The children were really interested in the subject, and had some fantastic ideas about how we can improve the park. It was good to see them so energised about how to make improvements. It has also reiterated the importance of the project. All the children knew about the park, but several don’t use it for various reasons.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from the children as the project develops.


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